About The Behavioral Health Team

Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth was formed in 2008 by Dr. Alejandro Y. Mendoza. We have since grown into a collaborative care behavioral health team and are now seamlessly embedded throughout the organization – from obstetrics (care during childbirth) through specialty physicians and primary care.

Consultation Liaisons

Our Consultation Liaison division consists of a seasoned team of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners led by Dr. Stephen Nicolson. They provide comprehensive behavioral health assessments, feedback and brief interventions. Our Consultation Liaisons work closely with our team of social workers led by Sarah Cloud LICSW.

Award-Winning Care

The BID Plymouth Behavioral Health program has received multiple funding awards from the Health Policy Commission to drive innovative programs, from collaborative and complex care to Emergency Department care.

Behavioral Health for Seniors

Also formed by Dr. Mendoza in 2008, our 19-bed geriatric neuropsychiatry unit cares for elder patients who have complex syndromes while also managing a systemic illnesses. This could include a range of illnesses, from diabetes, COPD and end stage renal disease to hemodialysis needs and protein calorie malnutrition.

We take a true team approach to senior behavioral health. The team consists of geriatric-focused nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists.

Behavioral Health

Receive compassionate, confidential care for behavioral health concerns from the caring experts at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth.