Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Know your rights and understand your responsibilities as a patient

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Patient

At Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth, we support your right to know about your health and illness. We champion your right to participate in decisions that affect your well-being.

We stand by your side as you Plan For Your Care by assigning a Heath Care Proxy and outlining any Advance Directives.

We also:

Your Patient Rights

Our list of patients' rights incorporates state and federal law. We provide an overview below. You can read the complete statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities to understand BID Plymouth’s full commitment to protecting you.

As a patient at BID Plymouth, you have the right to:

  1. Receive medical care that meets the highest standards, no matter your race, religion, national origin, any disability or handicap, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, military service or payment source.
  2. Receive visitors you (or your support person) designate, including a spouse, domestic partner (including same-sex domestic partner) or another family member or friend.
  3. Prompt, life-saving treatment in an emergency. You receive care without discrimination based on economic status or source of payment. You have a right to treatment not delayed by discussion regarding the source of payment.
  4. Be treated respectfully by others. Be addressed by your proper name without undue familiarity.
  5. Privacy within the capacity of the hospital.
  6. Seek and receive all information necessary to understand your medical situation.
  7. Know the identity and the role of people involved in your care.
  8. A full explanation of any research study suggested for you.
  9. Leave the hospital even if your doctors advise against it. You do not have this right if you have certain infectious diseases that may affect others or if you are incapable of maintaining your own safety or the safety of others, as defined by law.
  10.  Access your medical record.
  11.  Inquire and receive information about possible financial assistance.
  12.  Know about any financial or business relationship the hospital has with other institutions if the relationship relates to your care or treatment.
  13.  Not to be exposed to the smoking of others.
  14.  Take part in decisions relating to your healthcare.
  15.  Appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  16.  Access a qualified interpreter if you do not speak English, free of charge. You can use this service in person or by phone. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide a certified interpreter from our staff interpreter service or the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  17.  Receive information about how you can get assistance with concerns, problems or complaints about the quality of care or service you receive, and to initiate a formal grievance process with the hospital or with state regulatory agencies.
  18.  Obtain a copy of the rules and regulations of the hospital that apply to your role as a patient.
  19.  Have your spiritual and cultural needs addressed within the capacity of the hospital.
  20.  Have your family and physician quickly notified of your admission to the hospital.

Your Patient Responsibilities

We ask you and your family to accept certain responsibilities. This allows us to give you the best care possible.

  1. Provide accurate and complete information about your identity, medical history, medications, dietary, herbal and nutritional supplements, and current health concerns. Report any changes in health to your care team.
  2. Follow treatment plans recommended by your doctor and care team. Ask your care team if you do not understand your care plan or health instructions.
  3. Take part in your treatment and in planning for posthospital care.
  4. Be part of the pain management team. If you receive pain medicine, ask your care team about your options. Use pain medicine as prescribed. Tell us right away if the pain treatments are not working well for you.
  5. Be considerate and respectful of other patients and hospital staff. Do what you can to control noise and ensure your visitors are considerate. Be respectful of hospital property.
  6. Follow hospital rules and regulations. This includes rules that prohibit offensive, threatening, and/or abusive language or behavior, the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs or substances. Help ensure that your visitors are aware of and follow these rules.
  7. Provide the hospital with a copy of any advance directive or health care proxy designation you have prepared.
  8. Provide accurate and complete financial information. Work with the hospital to ensure financial obligations related to your care are met. Notify us right away if there is a hardship so that we may assist you.

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