Meet the Digestive Care Team

Gastroenterology Experts

Learn more about our gastroenterologists below.

 Iskandar Barakat, MD
Iskandar Barakat, MD Specialty Internal Medicine
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Daniela Prodanovic, MD Specialty Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine
Soroya M. Rahaman, MD
Soroya M. Rahaman, MD Specialty Internal Medicine
Vikram Rangan MD
Vikram Rangan, MD Specialty Gastroenterology , Internal Medicine
Jonathan Russo, MD
Jonathan Russo, MD Specialty Gastroenterology
Alex Teixeira, MD
Alex Teixeira, MD Specialty Gastroenterology

Liver Experts

Learn more about our liver experts below.

Michael Curry MD
Michael Curry, MD Specialty Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine
Behnam Saberi, MD
Behnam Saberi, MD Specialty Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Transplant Hepatology

Nurse Practitioners

Learn more about our nurse practitioners below.

Lois Bartels, NP
Lois Bartels, NP Specialty Hepatology
Heather Foshey, NP
Heather Foshey, NP Specialty Gastroenterology
Kate Latrell, NP
Kate Latrell, NP Specialty Gatroenterology

Digestive Care

At Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth, our gastroenterologists care for digestive conditions that affect the stomach, intestines and liver.